Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Result Oriented Educational Consultancy Firm

Athene Education Consult Services provides you access to quality higher education in reputable global universities. Our educational program is your passport to a brighter future. Contact us today, and let your fulfilling begin.


We provide academic placements in Institutions of choice depending course of study and country of choice.
We provide admissions to Top choice Universities fast and easy.

We are able to guide you through your visa process. Ensuring you meet all the embassy requirements.
Where possible take prospective students to various embassies or consulates

1. AIRPORT PICK-UP / DROP- OFF: Our representatives will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival in country of study and take you to your place of residence.
2. RESIDENCE, APARTMENT OR HOUSE FINDING: Living on or off school campus? Our representatives will help you come to an informed decision regarding your living arrangement. locating off campus apartments, homes, and rooms for international students.

Find out what schools and programs a prospective student is eligible for.
1. APPLICATION FOLLOW-UP: We contact the Schools of choice to guarantee that your files and payments have been received.
2. ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER WRITING: Many school program applications require written documents as part of the application process. Our professionals help to create supporting documents that meet the school standards.

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Why you should choose us

Study Abroad Agent in Nigeria

We partner with over 250+ Colleges and Universities in 38 Countries that are committed to helping highly-motivated students like you, complete your education.

Scholarship Opportunities

AEC is able to work with its array of partner universities to find scholarship money for qualified students. We are able to get scholarship money for students who have the necessary academic qualification, portfolio of extracurricular activities and evidence skill-based performance

Speedy Admission

AEC works in partnership with a wide variety of schools to speed up the application process on behalf of prospective students. Because of our close relationship with our partner schools we are able to ensure that offers of admission are received in about two weeks.

Excellent Customer Service

AEC is reputed for its excellent customer service that has resulted in a large number of referrals from our very satisfied clients. We maintain continued contact with our clients, even after they have been admitted to their schools of choice. See our testimonials as evidence to support this claim.

Qualified Educational Counselors

We are proud to hire only very qualified educational professionals including counselors who have the knowledge and industry-recommended skills to effectively guide our clients towards success. Our counselors go through regular and ongoing professional training which equip them with accurate study abroad and country-specific information about global universities.

Rigorous VISA Preparation

In addition to getting our clients admission into top schools abroad, we provide our clients with very rigorous VISA preparation at no additional cost to them. As a result of being very well prepared, our clients go in for their VISA interview with confidence knowing that they have been well prepared. We are proud that 99% of our clients receive VISAs to proceed to their universities.

Excellent Educational Consulting Services in Nigeria

We celebrate over 3 years of continual success in delivering outstanding overseas education consulting services to students in Nigeria.

Athene Education Consult is a reliable education consultant in Nigeria. We are affiliated to high schools, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and China among others.

Athene Education Consult facilitates educational opportunities for pupils and students at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels to study abroad. 

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AEC offers it’s services at no charge to you, the student. Our University partners cover our service costs.


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